Web Site Applications

The following web applications are available within each mamboSchools district/school installation.

Content and News Management

  • 01 Web Page Builder with Expanded Web Editor Our most popular application. Allows you to create/edit web pages within your site. Expanded 'inline' editor makes public side editing simple features drag-drop, auto crop images, easy add captions, spell check, and detailed tables.
  • 02 Multi-User Blog  Allows creation/editing of blog posts by single or multiple users. Includes comments, rating system, RSS/Social Network connections, and tagging.
  • 03 Module Creator/Manager Create blocks of text/media throughout site. Dress-up a dull page, summarize information, add event blocks, sell a program.
  • 04 Google Safe/Local Search Conducts fast local search and has Google Safe Search option.
  • 05 Billboard Display Post brief announcements on your billboard with animated, smooth transitions between each.
  • 06 Site Translation Translate your site into 60 languages.
  • 07 Web Site Reader with Font Size Control  This adds WCAG compliance directly into your web site.

Media Integration

  • 08 Video/Audio Support Integrate popular audio/video formats, like YouTube or Vimeo, into your web pages.
  • 09 Slideshow Widget Add slideshows to pages or sections. Easy image uploader.
  • 10 Photo Gallery Widget Organize site photos into albums. Optional slideshow display.

Information Management

  • 11 Multi-Site Events Calendar Add single/repeating events within multiple categories on each calendar. Pinwheel, Schedule Star, Outlook, and Google Calendar Integration options available.
  • 12 Document Library Add and organize your digital documents by category. Add links to menus/content. Update yearly/monthly docs with ease.
  • 13 Web Link Library Add and organize your school's favorite web links by category.
  • 14 Map Manager Create maps with multiple points and in-site directions. (Powered by Google Maps)

Information Gathering

  • 15 Web Form Builder Build powerful online forms with simple interface. User Data Collection can be sent to form admin eMail or stored and then exported in Excel Spreadsheet, PDF, etc.
  • 16 Visitor Guestbook Allow your site visitors to post a comment about their visit or your site. By option, these comments can be stored and moderated for later posting.
  • 17 Job Posting Manager Post employment announcements and collect basic information/resume. By option, you can develop your own data application form.
  • 18 Google Analytics Support Provides detailed statistics about your school website.

Communication Tools

  • 19 teacherPlace Web Page/Blog Builder Allows teachers to easily create web pages, blogs, practice quizzes, and discussions. Upload and post/embed images, audio, video, and documents. Flexible for the elementary and secondary educators.
  • 20 School Help Desk/Ticket System Allows technology and maintenance staff to provide prompt and efficient support to your school faculty and staff. Faculty can submit tickets from your web site or via eMail. Contains an integrated knowledgebase system, thus allowing support staff members to decrease response time and improve efficiency.
  • 21 Social Network Integration Display Facebook Wall Posts and School Twitter Feed on your site. Easily integrate Facebook Like buttons within web page content. Full package of social network icons available to create site links.
  • 22 eMail Newsletter/Messaging Your school community can signup for an eMail newsletter through your web site. Allows creation and deployment of eMail Campaigns. Full management of subscribers.
  • 23 Holiday/School Event Banners Post advertising banners within your site. Selection of holiday themed banners available.
  • 24 Contacts Manager Develop an online staff directory allowing your school community access to basic contact information. Option to eMail through contact form.
  • 25 School Status/SMS Status Displays school open/close information with optional message area. SMS option allows one admin user the ability to change information and add site notice using SMS text messaging.
  • 26 Responsive Mobile Site Allows creation of customized mobile web site using data from within your web site. Supports iPhone/Android mobile devices.