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    Using mamboSchools' mobile friendly site - easily market
    your story to your community & those searching for a new school home.

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    App Lite & Pro!

    Showcase Your School News, Events, Documents, and Links
    through new App Lite & App Pro (includes notifications; iOS and Android compatible)

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    mamboSchools integrates and organizes PDFs, Calendars, Google,
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Why mamboSchools?

  • All-Inclusive Web Sites

  • iOS & Android App

  • Teacher Web Pages

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Multiple Integrations

  • Socially-Aware Sites

  • GAFE Connections

  • Training & Support

  • WCAG Compliance

Simple UIKit Slideshow

Server Level

  • CLI - Crontab Event to Sync specific Google Drive folder to local folder on hourly basis. Manually here
  • CLI - Crontab Event to sync that local folder with a similar folder on children sites

Joomla Level

  • UIKit Slideshow Module
  • Module installed on each site which loads images from local directory
  • Local directory per site are kept in sync by server-level tasks
  • Integrated with Imgen for image compression and delivery

Usage Once Active

  • Drop .jpg images into the specific google drive folder
  • No need to worry about image size or optimization
  • No need to make further changes to Joomla Admin


  • .jpg files only
  • Works only on a single google drive folder which must be set to public


  • Google Apps API Service Account
  • UIKit or Yootheme Warp7 Template
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