Introducing a Flexible App for Everyone!

mamboSchools is proud to introduce the second version of our iOS/Android app.  We have combined the App Lite and App Pro into one single platform that we call our flexApp.   Like its name the new app is highly flexible and customizable.

  • The App now supports multiple web sites . . . if your district wants separate school web sites, this app can combine and organize your all school information. 
  • All updating is completed through our web site platform.  No need to learn two separate systems.
  • Your web managers can opt to learn how to customize major sections of the app to meet changing needs and goals throughout the school year.
  • As always, our support team is here to assist in making app updates and changes.

The flexApp is available right now to your school community.  If you already have mamboSchools Web Services and wish to explore an iPhone/Android App ... contact us to find out how you can add mamboSchools flexApp to your existing services. 

The New flexApp Supports A Single Site or Multiple Sites

As Seen on an iPad

Feature List
  • Gallery/Slideshow*
  • Home Page Springboard
  • School News Feeds
  • School Status*
  • Favorites Panel*
  • Calendar Pro*
  • Full Document Library with PDF Viewer*
  • Embedded Social Media Feeds*
  • Full Staff Directory with Message Form*
  • Contact/Map Block
  • App Management Component*
  • Notifications with History Feed*

(*) denotes customizable feature

To add mamboSchools flexApp to your existing services, contact us for pricing information.

Interested in adding mamboSchools Web Services to your corporation or district? flexApp is currently available as an option in our all-inclusive mamboSchools Web Service Package.