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Why mamboSchools?

  • All-Inclusive Web Sites

  • iOS & Android App

  • Teacher Web Pages

  • Mobile Responsive

  • Multiple Integrations

  • Socially-Aware Sites

  • GAFE Connections

  • Training & Support

  • WCAG Compliance

Our mamboSchools Support Team is always on call to assist with quick turnaround on all questions and customization requests. Our 10 Ways to Support Guarantee is simply unbeatable!

1. eMail

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your school web team will be provided with direct support addresses during mamboSchools On-Site Training!

2. Toll Free/Local/Cell Phone


If you are within the Monticello, Indiana area, you may contact us locally at 574-583-9190.  Your school web team will be provided with your support lead's cell phone number.

3. Fax


4. Online Chat

AIM - mamboschools
Yahoo - onetechn

We support AIM and Yahoo chat clients.  Our support team is on chat during the business day and on certain nights and weekends.  Using chat provides instantaneous assistance.  You will be provided with a gTalk or Facebook ID during mamboSchools on-site training for help via gTalk or Facebook Chat.

5. Online Video Training


Current videos are available from our YouTube Channel, blog, Twitter, and Facebook wall.

6. Screen Sharing

We can connect to your computer via VNC, Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft Remote Desktop.

7. Manuals

Visit our document library.

8. Professional Development

On-Site or Go-To-Meeting® Webinar Training.  Webinars are available at no charge.  There are no limits on the time or number of webinars requested.

9. Web Form

Contact Us Web Form

10. US Mail

One Technologies, Inc./mamboSchools
PO Box 144
Monticello, IN 47960
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